Big Break

by Big Break

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The first album from songwriter David Myers. Together with a group of extremely talented local salisbury musicians, and producer jerod jacobs, a collection of styles from newgrass/americana to ska and blues is put together in one 7 track EP.


released 15 July 2011


tags: rock Salisbury


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Track Name: il leone
-verse 1-
well there's a young man with shoulders like cliffs, iron in his jaw and lead in his fist, and if you're from around here it's well known you never mess around with il leone.

you can find him in the gym day or night huffin and puffin getting ready for a fight. he don't sleep na he don't have to eat he goes through a couple punching bags a week.

i pulled his last opponent to the side said listen young man forget about pride. he'll beat you down he'll make you a clown he'll leave your trainers embarrassed wearing frowns
i tried to tell him...

said if i was you i would walk away son but you gotta do what's gotta be done, and when you're laying there all alone remember what i told you bout il leone well it's 1,2,3,4 all the way to 10 and if you get up he's gonna put you down again. you're best bet is to stay at home if you ever get called out by il leone come on...

-verse 2-
he started training when he was conceived he was throwing combinations on the day he learned to breathe. when he came out his momma was relieved because her liver was the punching bag until delivery.

yeah the doctor leaned down to pick him up he got his jaw broke with a right uppercut. ol' doctor naggy was a lucky man cause a left woulda broke his neck like a rubber band.

the nurse in the room she fell in love her boyfriend said he fought golden gloves. the kid challenged him and it was quite a sight, he won himself a fight on his first night of life.
i tried to tell him...


-verse 3-
well now 20 years passed and he's a man and many a fighter have fallen to his hand. he's on his way to the top believe me when i say that he won't be stopped.

because he's a killer born and bread with images of carnage running through his head, and if you're next on the list well go and give your girl one final kiss.

yeah all the ones on top it's you he's coming for don't shrug it off cause it's true. write it down so there's no doubt desanto's coming to knock you out.
i'm trying to tell you...

Track Name: heart of mine
-verse 1-
i've been waiting all afternoon, been waiting on a call from you and it don't come.. boy do i feel dumb

why'd you tell me you would call, if it wasn't in your plans at all and why.. do you lie

i wish you'd take a minute or two, and tell me what you plan to do and tell me, what you want from me

baby make up your mind,
tell me what you plan to find in this heart of mine

-verse 2-
so what am i supposed to think, did you have too much to drink and forget me, how hard can that be

i know that you were out with friends, and i don't have a problem with them but sometimes.. i need you to myself

you know that i trust you babe, i know that you would never stray but sometimes.. well maybe i don't know

Track Name: harass and arrest
-verse 1-
i pushed my bike home in the hot summer morning, sweat dripping off of my face, yeah i ran out of fuel and i had a gas can sitting back at my place

well here come ol smokey his billy club poked me he said boy what's going on. said i've been pushing for miles see and i probably ain't gonna make it up this here hill alone... that's too bad

-chorus 1-
well harass and arrest is the new P&S, protect and serve is done. he said i can't get ya for anything today boy so i gotta run

-verse 2-
well i never met a man who never needed a hand, certainly not myself. and when the shit hits the pavement i've never hesitated to give mine to somebody else.

so watch out smokey joe cause you never know when you might be humming the blues. on the side of the road needing a tow wearing holes in the soles of your shoes.

-chorus 2-
yeah harass and arrest is the new P&S, uncle sam has been keeping score. yeah all them boys got quotas to fill they ain't got time for you and me no more.

-chorus 3-
yeah harass and arrest is the new P&S, protect and serve is done. now they sit in their cars outside of the bars and they mess with the drunks for fun.
Track Name: the cycle
-verse 1-
i don't remember the look on your face, when i told you, i couldn't take it any more. and i don't remember what you said, cause i was that determined not to let you back in my head

cause you broke my mind, and my pride, yeah you broke my confidence. you broke me down, but i don't mind. cause my heart healed up just fine.

-verse 2-
i don't remember what you wore, on the sunny afternoon when we met. i pushed that memory from my head, while i was sitting there listening to all of them evil things you said


-verse 3-
i understand why we try. because the loneliness surrounds me so complete. but i won't try any more, cause you know love is a cycle babe, and i believe that we've been here before

Track Name: gimme a pistol
-verse 1-
gimme a pistol fill it up with bullets, show me the trigger see if i pull it, aim it at my girl and her lover let em die like i found em holdin one another

gimme a pistol and get outta my way

-verse 2-
gimme a shovel and a patch of trees let my head hot from digging cool in the breeze, let the worms eat em someone's gotta feed em might as well be my girl tied up and bleeding


-verse 3-
gimme a pistol fill it up with bullets, show me the trigger see if i pull it, aim it at my girl and her lover let em die like i found em holdin one another


-verse 4-
gimme a lawyer pay him well, let em know the truth fuck it who's he gonna tell. let him pretend to befriend and defend me let him count my money while i'm in the penitentiary

Track Name: obewan
-verse 1-
i was thinking, how ya did me wrong and i was thinking, how it took so long for you to tell me that i ain't the one i can tell that you knew ya knew from day 1 when i told you, that i was in love and our future i was thinking of but now i'm cryin, so hard that i'm chokin, i gave you my heart and ya gave it back broken

-verse 2-
all knowing, is what you are see i'm a planet, but you're a shooting star and i am nothing, when compared to you but i never had to tell you, ya already knew and i can see you, so clearly now i tried babe but i didn't know how to give you, the things that you need ah i will play for ya baby till my fingers bleed

-verse 3-
in the summer, you took me in and in the winter, ya kicked me out again but i don't mind now, it don't bother me none i just wish ya hadn't taken up all my summer sun but i forgive you, and you don't have to ask cause saying sorry, is a difficult task but here we are now, and i'm moving on and i hope you enjoy it this is your last song. whats up

i ain't gonna write you no songs no more!
Track Name: where i stand
-verse 1-
we all listen, to what they tell us, and they've been tellin me boy you ain't ever ever gonna be elvis yeah well i know, i know don't rub it in
we all listen, to what they say, they've been sayin i'm gonna be, nothin one of these days yeah i know, i know don't rub it in

what do ya take me for? a fool
what do ya take me for? a fool
is that what ya take me for? cause i know,
yeah i know.... where i stand

-verse 2-
well we all listen, to the ones that know. them 3 chord songs are never gonna work cause they said so yeah i know, i know don't rub it in
we all remember, the things we read. don't matter though they're never gonna write anything about me yeah i know, i know don't rub it in