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good old fashioned heartbreak. this one was just an instrumental jam. with no way to specify which jam we would play it was dubbed obewan... has nothing to do with any thing... "let's play that one jam".... "which one?"... "obewan"... that is all.


-verse 1-
i was thinking, how ya did me wrong and i was thinking, how it took so long for you to tell me that i ain't the one i can tell that you knew ya knew from day 1 when i told you, that i was in love and our future i was thinking of but now i'm cryin, so hard that i'm chokin, i gave you my heart and ya gave it back broken

-verse 2-
all knowing, is what you are see i'm a planet, but you're a shooting star and i am nothing, when compared to you but i never had to tell you, ya already knew and i can see you, so clearly now i tried babe but i didn't know how to give you, the things that you need ah i will play for ya baby till my fingers bleed

-verse 3-
in the summer, you took me in and in the winter, ya kicked me out again but i don't mind now, it don't bother me none i just wish ya hadn't taken up all my summer sun but i forgive you, and you don't have to ask cause saying sorry, is a difficult task but here we are now, and i'm moving on and i hope you enjoy it this is your last song. whats up

i ain't gonna write you no songs no more!


from Big Break, track released July 15, 2011
vocals and guitar- david myers, bass- alan erickson, drums- stephen (cracker) williams. written by david myers


tags: rock Salisbury


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Big Break Salisbury, North Carolina

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