il leone

from by Big Break

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tall tale about a boxer destined for legendary feats...
(based on real life boxer dominic desanto)


-verse 1-
well there's a young man with shoulders like cliffs, iron in his jaw and lead in his fist, and if you're from around here it's well known you never mess around with il leone.

you can find him in the gym day or night huffin and puffin getting ready for a fight. he don't sleep na he don't have to eat he goes through a couple punching bags a week.

i pulled his last opponent to the side said listen young man forget about pride. he'll beat you down he'll make you a clown he'll leave your trainers embarrassed wearing frowns
i tried to tell him...

said if i was you i would walk away son but you gotta do what's gotta be done, and when you're laying there all alone remember what i told you bout il leone well it's 1,2,3,4 all the way to 10 and if you get up he's gonna put you down again. you're best bet is to stay at home if you ever get called out by il leone come on...

-verse 2-
he started training when he was conceived he was throwing combinations on the day he learned to breathe. when he came out his momma was relieved because her liver was the punching bag until delivery.

yeah the doctor leaned down to pick him up he got his jaw broke with a right uppercut. ol' doctor naggy was a lucky man cause a left woulda broke his neck like a rubber band.

the nurse in the room she fell in love her boyfriend said he fought golden gloves. the kid challenged him and it was quite a sight, he won himself a fight on his first night of life.
i tried to tell him...


-verse 3-
well now 20 years passed and he's a man and many a fighter have fallen to his hand. he's on his way to the top believe me when i say that he won't be stopped.

because he's a killer born and bread with images of carnage running through his head, and if you're next on the list well go and give your girl one final kiss.

yeah all the ones on top it's you he's coming for don't shrug it off cause it's true. write it down so there's no doubt desanto's coming to knock you out.
i'm trying to tell you...



from Big Break, track released July 15, 2011
vocals and guitar- david myers, banjo- keith earnhardt, upright bass- eric webster, drums-stephen (cracker) williams. written by david myers


tags: rock Salisbury


all rights reserved


Big Break Salisbury, North Carolina

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